Quest, a homegrown Alshaya brand, is an active entertainment destination for all ages. Designed to promote fitness, fun, and competition, this activity-filled arena consists of different play structures with three major factors in mind: physical, emotional and cultural development.

The first-of-its-kind in Kuwait, Quest presents a series of obstacle courses especially developed and built by iPlayCo, a leading manufacturer of safe and fun play structures that will create an exciting and entertaining environment packed with physical challenges that make up an inviting and fun interior concept

Situated at Avenues Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Kuwait, this Urban-inspired playground goes hand in hand with the latter’s outdoor space, made up of concrete, corrugated metal sheets and perforated mesh with a layer of colorful bold graphics on top, as well as strikingly bold LED lights. Bright colors and sketchy cartoons set the stage for an active and entertaining experience unlike any other.

Upon arrival, adults and children are greeted at the entrance of each play structure at a counter enhanced with strikingly bold LED lights for an enlightened reception.

Small, comfortable and illustrated seating areas outline the inside of the arena for parents and kids to both take a little break from all the excitement as they enjoy refreshing beverages and snacks from a small kiosk nearby. Lockers are also available for storage of personal belongings.


Quest provides an environment not only fit for children but also for parents and groups of adults who would relish in the idea of bonding as a family through different physical events that develop one’s physical and cognitive abilities.


Quest aspires to become the go-to trendy destination for active and entertaining activities and a source of inspiration and support for individuals, friends and families to shape and be part of a fit and agile community in Kuwait.