Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the latest updates about Quest?

You can find the latest updates about Quest on our Instagram account: Questparkme

2. What’s included in the birthday package?

Free entry for the birthday celebrant & 3 adults
15 party guests (kids)
2 x access to the Main / Junior Tag Arena
1 x access to the Laser Tag Arena
Custom photo cake (30x40 cm)
Cake cutting ceremony
Kids meal from Raising Cane’s
10KD TEKZONE gift card for birthday celebrant

Basic Package: 145 KD
Extra child / adult: +6 KD
Photo coverage: +25 KD

3. What is the Laser Tag Arena?

Quest’s laser tag arena is a fun place for everyone, kids and adults, to play exciting games. You wear a special jacket and use laser guns to tag your friends. The arena is designed for lots of fun and competition. It's a safe place to have a great time with your family and friends. So, if you want to enjoy some action-packed games, Quest’s laser tag arena is the perfect spot!

4. How does Quest ensure the safety of participants?

Quest prioritizes the safety of its customers above all else and makes sure that you'll receive clear instructions on how to play safely. Additionally, the staff is always present to supervise and assist if needed. With Quest commitment to safety, you can enjoy your time with peace of mind, knowing that your well-being is their top concern.

5. How do I book and do I have to book online?
We advise pre-booking your visit online here to avoid standing in line. Please note that we will be operating on reduced visitation slots, so please check our calendar before booking a date.
6. Can I pay by cash for walk-ins?
We will be accepting cash. We also accept debit/cred card payments.
7. Is there a day for females only?
Ladies time is every Monday from 5-10pm.
8. Will there be men working during ladies' time?
No, all staff will be female during ladies' time.
9. Can I book ladies time?
Unfortunately, ladies time can only be booked by visiting our park at this moment of time.
10. Can I remove my hijab during ladies' time since its only women?
Whilst we grantee that there will only be ladies working and inside ques, that QUEST has security cameras to ensure visitors’ and staff safety, whilst these cameras are in operation they will only be reviewed if there is an incident. Therefore, it is our policy to inform you and you may choose to remove or keep your hijab at your will.