Junior Tag

Following the same concept as the Main Tag Arena Combo, the Junior Tag Arena is specifically designed with children between the ages of 4 to 8 years old in mind. A total of 15 events serve as a play structure of entertainment that works on the development of agility and speed all the while enhancing physical, emotional and cognitive skills. These events include:

1. Ball Hop
2. Vertical Rope Climb
3. Clear Maze
4. Ball Pool Zone
5. Sea of Rope
6. Punch Bag Forest
7. Spider Wall
8. Pugil Stick Event
9. Ball Jam Corridor
10. Moon Walk Climb
11. Two-Lane Q-Pipe
12. Dark Crawl Tube
13. Horizontal Roller Squeeze
14. Climb Wall
15. Triangle Step Climb

Similar to the Main Tag Arena Combo, the Junior Tag Arena Combo offers the “Aerial Assault” as a separate point-based arena.

Each colored beacon represents a different number of points as follows:

• Red – 250
• Purple – 200
• Blue – 150
• Green – 100
• Yellow – 50

Beacons cannot be tapped more than once in a row to gain points. Players will need to tap 10 different beacons in order to re-tap a previous one. Hidden areas within arenas make each event all the more fun! If found, more points will be gained without the need to go about a specific challenge or obstacle.

Once the 20-minute event is up, players must tap their TAG active bracelets at the exit to see how many points they’ve accumulated. If a player reaches his or her all-time best, the number will be displayed on the screens until another player beats it, in addition to the “Today’s Best”, which is updated at the end of each day!