The Main Tag Arena consists of 12 different events or challenges including:

1. Ball Hop
2. Sea of Rope
3. Quarter Pipe
4. Crawl Tube
5. Webolator
6. Pugil Stick
7. Spider Wall
8. Angled Cargo Climb
9. Mirror Maze
10. Giant Clear Ball Room
11. Cargo Maze Climb
12. Ladder Climb Tower

Individuals will need to go through one or more obstacle courses in the play structure to be able to gain as many points as possible within 20 minutes, by tapping the beacons or colorful squares embedded inside, and by going through a variety of activities using their TAG active bracelets. These bracelets are handed to each individual along with a pair of special grip socks when they sign in at the reception desk.

Each colored beacon represents a different number of points as follows:

• Red – 250
• Purple – 200
• Blue – 150
• Green – 100
• Yellow – 50

Beacons cannot be tapped more than once in a row to gain points. Players will need to tap 10 different beacons in order to re-tap a previous one. Hidden areas within arenas make each event all the more fun! If found, more points will be gained without the need to go about a specific challenge or obstacle.

Once the 20-minute event is up, players must tap their TAG active bracelets at the exit to see how many points they’ve accumulated. If a player reaches his or her all-time best, the number will be displayed on the screens until another player beats it, in addition to the “Today’s Best”, which is updated at the end of each day!

The Main Tag Arena Combo, however, includes an additional but separate arena called “Aerial Assault” in which players will have to complete the obstacle course and reach the beacon in a 10-minute interval. The more time passes, the more points are deducted.