Meet the pros/our champs on a Quest for adventure!

08 Sep 2021

Bashayer Al Sultan

A coach by day and a never-ending source of adrenaline-pumping inspiration to dive straight into the action, Bashayer is all about empowering women, kids and parents to head out and get their groove on wherever their feet take them!

Amped up and always ready for a challenge, you can bet that Bashayer never misses out on a moment to kickstart the action and rev up folks to a whole new level by getting fit and having fun all at once like never before!

Nader GolSharifi

Determination, positivity, and seeking out the thrills of a lifetime best describe Nader’s energy to put the pedal to the medal to get people moving and step up their game.

Charged up with endless motivation from his passion for fitness, Nader’s on a mission to bring people together and get them out of their comfort zone to experience a whole new level of excitement, in our fun-filled events that build stamina as well as team spirit – live at the arena!